The Legal Forum uses a Certified Legal Video Specialist for the video services it offers lawyers and firms. The services include:

Video Depositions: The video specialist is trained to film depositions and provide lawyers with copies that can be used as evidence in court.

Settlement Documentaries: These are short videos that explain a party's point-of-view in a civil suit and show some of the evidence to support their case. Typically, they are displayed to opposing counsel and parties to argue for a settlement.
Day-in-the-Life Documentaries: These videos demonstrate the injury suffered by plaintiffs, which can be used as evidence of their damages.
     Other kinds of video are available on request. Click on the Contact Us tab above to send us a request or ask for more information. Prices for video depositions are generally $125 for the first hour and $65 an hour for each hour afterward. The video can be delivered through e-mail, DVD discs and flash drive. Other rates vary depending on the project but estimates are available before filming starts.

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